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Skate Park for Dallas Fund

The Statistics Portal Statista reports that in 2015 there were over 6.4 million skateboarding participants in the U.S.  Skateboarding has come a long way during its 50+ year history and many consider skateboarding as artistic expression, community-engaging, educational, athletic, and a source of establishing a good work ethic.  Cities across the nation are installing state of the art, concrete skate parks at a rapid pace with wide success.  Dallas is the only one of the top 5 largest cities in Texas not to have its own modern, concrete skate park.  So why does Dallas only have one small, modular skate park (est. 2007) located in Lakeland Hills Park in east Dallas, whereas Houston has 110,000 sq. ft. of amazing, professionally designed and poured-in concrete public skate parks?  Our young people require high quality public spaces like the youth in Houston.  The Skate Park for Dallas Fund, led by Dr. Clinton Haley, has been established to address the myths, misconceptions, and benefits of skateboarding and will be used to study the economic impact, location, and feasibility of a long overdue modern skate park for Dallas.

Community Outdoor Outreach Program (CO-OP)

Introduced in 1996, this program provides opportunities for Texas children to explore the state’s natural resources through programs and activities like camping, backpacking, kayaking and service projects.  Along with outdoor recreation activities this program also includes environmental and conservation education designed to enhance science curriculum in Texas schools.  This program is in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

CONFAB: A Dallas Parks Foundation Conversation (Description Pending)

Dallas Hike & Bike Trail Fund

The Dallas Parks Foundation (DPF) is focused on creating a cleaner and healthier Dallas through the implementation of the adopted 2011 Dallas Bike Plan.  To reach our goal, the DPF has created the Dallas Hike & Bike Initiative Fund.  Your gift will help provide the necessary funding to complete high-priority projects within the Dallas bikeway system.  You can designate your donation to the “Hike & Bike Trail Fund” when you donate online. 

Dallas Urban Forestry

In 2005 Dallas Mayor, Laura Miller, established the Urban Forest Advisory Council.  The commission’s goals are to care for and augment Dallas’ urban forest to improve the aesthetics, reduce carbon dioxide levels and reduce the urban heat island effect.  Corporations and individuals contribute to the fund in support of the City of Dallas Urban Forest. The funds support projects such as tree planting, public information and education about trees, tree maintenance and an inventory of the Urban Forest.

Founders Park Disc Golf Fund (Description Pending)

Friends of Moss Glen Park Fund

The Moss Glen Park Project is a four-and-a-half-acre green space located at Moss Brook Trail and Bentwood Trail, just south of the George W. Bush Turnpike. The plan features a loop trail and eight to 12 fitness stations. The park will cost between $500,000 and $750,000 according to the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. The city has offered $30,000 in seed money for the project and will maintain the park after it’s built. Technically the site is not park land. The city’s storm-water management division controls the lot and granted permission to turn the space into a park. The plan does not interfere with drainage for the area. The lack of green space in Far North Dallas goes back to the area’s development in the 1970’s and 80’s, when shopping centers were the priority, not public parks.

Friends of the Southern Pacific Trail (SoPAC) Fund

The SoPAC Trail is a planned commuter and recreational hike and bike trail in East Dallas that will run from White Rock Lake to the Northwest along the former Southern Pacific Line railway.  The trail will serve as access to White Rock Lake for the Park Cities, North Dallas and Richardson as it runs from Lather Road north towards Forest Lane and US 75 – along the way joining with the Katy Trail extension, the Northhaven Trail, the Cottonwood Trail and the White Rock Creek Trail.

Harry Hines Triangle Park Maintenance Fund (Description Pending)

Historic Events Fund

The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department is responsible for many facilities with historical significance, including Fair Park’s art deco facilities, facilities built by the New Deal Programs such as Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration and National Youth Administration, and parks that have long been a staple of Dallas’ landscape.  Individuals and corporations donate funds to support the cataloging, renovation and celebration of these facilities.

Kidd Springs Central/Friends of Kidd Springs Park

The Friends of Kidd Springs Park started in 2009 as the community organization committed to supporting Kidd Springs Park, Recreation Center, pool and general neighborhood with the goal to make the area a better place to live and work. KSC is dedicated to nurturing a sense of community among all interested parties. Let’s leave the Kidd Springs community better than we found it. Our KSC Fundraising Project is to help raise the resources – financial and human – to help take care of Kidd Springs Park and recreation center including the swimming pool, the damaged storm drain, the natural spring-fed lake, the Butterfly and Oriental gardens and other amenities. While we would like to set the bar high and raise three million dollars, our immediate need is $50,000 to make much needed repairs to the Kidd Springs Pool. The Kidd Springs Pool – home to the Kidd Springs Sailfish competitive swim team – services thousands of citizens with swim lessons and competitive swimming. It is one of the most widely used pools in the Dallas Aquatics system.

Kidd Springs Pool Project Fund (Description Pending)

Lake & Garden District Fund (Description Pending)

Let’s Play | Baseball and Girls Fast Pitch Softball League

Introduced in 2012, this league has connected with over 550 teens and their families and is currently the only Dallas Parks & Recreation program to include girl’s fast pitch softball.  The purpose of this program is to increase activity in our Texas you, strengthen family ties, and provide positive recreational experiences through sports.  Proceeds provide scholarship registration, uniforms, equipment, and umpires.  This program is in partnership with Dallas Parks & Recreation Department.

Mayor’s Youth Fitness Initiative

The Mayor’s Youth Fitness Initiative (MyFi) was introduced by former Mayor, Tom Leppert. This program seeks to make a long-term difference – not just a difference through a single program in a single year. The existing role of the Dallas parks system is a valuable resource that can be utilized as a key delivery system for MyFi in Dallas. Already 18,361 kids use the park system. This initiative will also work to make Dallas Parks and Recreation Centers a more vibrant and fundamental part of the incremental change to a healthy and productive community, utilizing the centers as a primary distribution vehicle for MyFi programs. MyFi’s focus is to engage all kids, including those who aren’t involved in activities and sports.

Out-of-School Lunch Program

This program not only works to provide nutritious meals to children during out-of-school time, it also works to provide healthy enrichment activity.  Out-of-school provides evidence-based, age-appropriate nutrition literacy to children and implements nutrition and physical activity standards.  This program in partnership with National Recreation and Park Association, and Walmart Foundation increases access to healthier foods and increases opportunities for physical activity.

Summer Camp For Kids

This program offers eight weeks of day camps at 39 recreation centers throughout the City of Dallas for youth ages 5 to 12.  Camps begin in June and run through the end of July.  All camp sites operate from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday.  Campers are engaged in a structured and safe environment that will keep them active and learning while having fun.  Activities include arts and crafts classes, sports clinics, fitness sessions, cultural and enrichment classes, games, field trips, and much more.  This program is in partnership with Dallas Parks & Recreation Department.

Supplemental Park Beautification/Maintenance Fund

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department maintains more than 18,600 acres of park land in 450 parks. The City of Dallas provides funding for park maintenance each year, and that funding meets the basic needs of each park.  Individuals and corporations donate funds to enhance the park maintenance in a specific park or by sponsoring certain activities, such as increased mowing cycles or operating fountains.

Teach a Child to Swim

Every year thousands of children enjoy the thrill of going swimming, and with our hot Texas summer, swimming isn’t just about having fun, it is also about keeping cool.  This program maintains a scholarship fund to help those youth who do not have the financial means to participate in swim lessons.  We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn lifesaving swimming skills regardless of the ability to pay.  Teach a Child to Swim is an 8 week, 8 lesson aquatics program in partnership with the Red Cross and Dallas Aquatics, a division of Dallas Parks & Recreation Department.

West End Commons Fund

West End Commons (Lamar St./Pacific Ave.) is a community effort to activate a public space at the southwestern corner of N. Lamar Street and Pacific Avenue in the West End district of downtown Dallas. Our mission is to provide programming and amenities that will turn this underused intersection into a neighborhood asset.

White Rock Lake Museum

A grassroots committee formed to construct a Museum dedicated to White Rock Lake.  The Museum is located in the Bath House Cultural Facility located on White Rock Lake. Individuals and corporations donate funds to this project to build and maintain the exhibit and collection.

White Rock Lake Park Fund

White Rock Lake Park is one of Dallas’ premier parks and a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.  User groups, corporations and individuals provide funds to support the planned development and us of White Rock Lake Park.  The funds are used to support the planning, design and construction of new facilities and amenities, and the reconstruction or restoration of existing infrastructure at the park.

Willis Winters III Memorial Fund

Willis Winters, III, more commonly known as Will Winters, was a football player at Woodrow Wilson High School when he died following complications from surgery.  Will’s father is Park and Recreation Department Director Willis Winters, II.  The fund was established to accommodate the outpouring of support to honor this young life.  Randall Park, which is located across the street from Woodrow Wilson High School, is the site of an athletic complex funded and used by both the City and DISD.  The plaza in the center of the athletic complex at Randall Park was built in Will’s honor.  The funds are used to construct and endow the perpetual care of the project.